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Atlas Stone Molds & Logs

Strongman, Training and Event Atlas Stone Molds and Logs: Get all of your custom Atlas Stone Molds And Strongman Logs from APT Pro Lifting Gear.  All of our Strongman True Logs and Stel Logs are custom hand crafted with pride. Our Great Grandfather Daniel Paul Dickson was a Commercial Logger over 100 years ago and each of our True Strongman Logs are stamped with his personal log stamp (DPD).
We manufacture our logs from premium lumber to give you the best of quality
for years of satisfaction. Truly a top notch strength implement. These Strongman Logs are SOLID!
Maximize Your Strength with Professional Grade QUALITY!
Atlas Stone MOLDS Strongman Atlas Stone
8″ through 24″ Atlas Stone Molds. 6″ & 8″ reinforcing bar, 25 lb & 50″ lead inserts. These are stone molds that you use to make your own Atlas Stones for Strongman training and competitions.

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