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APT Pro Lifting Gear

Lever Belts from APT Pro Lifting Gear

Custom Lever Belts from APT Pro Lifting Gear.

Weightlifting Belts

Do you remember when you started lifting and as far the eye could see everyone was strapped with a belt of some kind?  If you listen to the experts no one agrees.  If you Google it (currently there are over 455,000 results + or -)!

APT Pro Lifting Gear has got your strap, easily customized to what you want color, size, thickness and lettering available.  The bottom line is APT High Quality FULL Leather Belts are 100% American Made.

 Types of belts used for weightlifting and power-lifting

 ·         Single prong is a good belt to start with and the easiest to tighten and more flexible than a lever

·         Double prong more secure and can help with those extra pounds you are wanting to add on to your PRs; it is harder to tighten

·         Lever is for the advance lifter but Lever is simple to figure out, and easy to operate.

Regardless of the belt you choose with any belt you want it to be tight but not to the point of pain. You should have a goal to get a belly full of air and brace your abs against the belt of your choice

Just like any carpenter you need tools and belts are tools that can assist you with your goals.

A quick look at the benefits of a weightlifting belt:  They may prevent injury to your lower back during heavy lifts and they can increase your performance.  Now, weightlifting belts come usually in leather and can be secured with prongs, Velcro or a lever (all available @ APT Pro Lifting Gear)

When you do decide a weightlifting belt is going to be part of your routine don’t let others decide for you. Mentally, if you believe a belt will benefit your performance it will.  So check the variety of weightlifting belts that are available to you and go forward and lift heavy things.

I like the fact that if I need that extra performance boost, I have it in my bag so to speak.  APT Pro Lifting Gear bags are available and there are a variety or belts in all colors, sizes and materials on this site.

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”  Thomas Jefferson

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