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Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

Weight Lifting Wrist Straps from APT Pro Lifting Gear are excellent for weight lifting and power lifting. These lifting straps help you grip heavier weight better so that you can maximize your weight lifting ability. These power lifting straps attach to your wrist and the weight to give you the added grip you need to hit your lifting goal. Our lifting straps come in a huge variety of colors, styles and customizations.

­Wrist straps if used correctly in training and for contest preparation can increase your lifts and promote size gains if used appropriately in your training cycle. They are not allowed in powerlifting meets but can be used in competitive strongman events.

These taut pieces of cloth (or leather) wrap around the wrist and the bar and make holding onto very heavy weights much easier. One of the first things to give out on a max deadlift is usually your grip. Although they are no substitute for making up for a weak grip, they can make the difference between making a new PB, or adding inches to your traps.

For bodybuilding & amateur athletes where no organisation can ban you from using them, straps allow you to hold onto huge weights on dumbbell shrugs, and deadlifts for the traps, and max rep holds, thus enabling you to build monster shoulders and traps. They also can assist in dumbbell rows and rack pulls.

For bodybuilders where muscle isolation is key, one of the main benefits of using straps is to hone in on the specific target muscle without tiring the surrounding muscles or having your grip give out first.

If you are fighting a losing battle against gravity during shrugs, stiff-legged deadlifts, or regular deadlifts, then you are shifting the focus from the target muscle onto your grip. To take your grip out of the equation use wraps. Want to burn out your lats on pull ups but find you give up due to the lactic acid build up in your forearms – use straps.

For the haters who see straps as cheating, work your normal rep range until your grip gives out. The next set use straps. Don’t train with straps all the time, allow your grip to build up on days without them.

There are three main choices of wrist straps; loop straps, hook straps and olympic straps (also known as speed straps). Each have their pros and cons.

Loop straps are easy to put on and secure tightly around your wrist. Can be hard to wrap all material round the bar with one hand. Not used as much with Olympic weightlifting as can be hard to pull out of a failed lift.

Hook straps don’t require any wrapping and fit most standard bars. Come in forward and reverse grip. Can be hard to fit specialized bars and hard to squeeze tightly meaning you might not be fully able to tighten your grip and activate your raw power beast mode.

Olympic straps have a closed loop that attaches to the bar. They are as the name suggests the strap of choice for Olympic lifts as they make for pulling out of a failed rep much easier.  The only negatives is there is less material and you can’t tighten them like a vice around your wrists.

Weight Lifting Wrist Strap Info supplied by Frank Lloyd.

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