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2 Ply Wrist Wraps

These 2 ply wrist wraps have double the power, double the strength and double the rebound and support.

2 Ply Wrist and Knee Wraps

2 ply wrist and Knee wraps are much thicker and therefore more supportive than single ply wrist wraps. They will allow you to lift more weight than single ply wraps. They are also a lot stiffer and stronger and will certainly last a lot longer than single ply items. Of course you need to check the regulations of the required powerlifting federations before taking part in competitions as they may not allow them.

Wrist wraps are good for supporting and helping you keep your wrist vertically aligned during the bench press. Once you are lifting really heavy on the bench, it’s advisable to use wrist straps as you can sprain your wrist easily under the heavy load of the barbell.

Wraps are elastic in nature and this allows them to compress tightly around the wrist and prevent it from hyper extending. Do that on a heavy bench press for a split second and you’ve got yourself a wrist injury.

If you have a large wrist, 2 ply wraps are suitable as they have a wider girth and will provide more support than the overstretched single ply variety. If you are prone to pain during front squats because of the extreme flexion needed to support the bar try single ply wrist wraps. If they don’t do the trick, switch to 2 ply thickness.

Will wraps make your wrists weak? No, as the wrist does not have a lot of supporting musculature your wrists will not weaken. The only negative to talk about is that they take 30 seconds or so to put on. But you don’t need them on your warm up sets, just when the weights get super-heavy.

Wrist wrap info supplied by Frank Lloyd, strength training and Nautilus T614 treadmill expert.

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